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At Great Sankey, we strive to ensure that children enjoy a rich variety of songs together in our singing assemblies. We want to fill the children with a passion for music, whether that be listening, singing or playing an instrument.

Through our partnerships with music schools in Warrington, our children have an opportunity to receive individual or small group instrumental tuition on keyboards, voice, guitar and the ukulele. Please contact us at school for more information.

We also have visits from musicians in the community who come into school and work with classes. Lower key stage 2 have the opportunity to learn African Drumming with our drumming specialist Mr Clark, who also leads a Samba Drumming class with upper key stage 2. These sessions lead to class performances that you will be invited to throughout the school year.

KS1In KS1children have the opportunity to develop their music making through singing, listening to different styles of music and playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments. As they start to recognize and explore more varied musical styles they are able to use correct musical language, discuss feelings and emotions/likes/dislikes that are linked to music.

KS2  - In KS2 the children develop and build on musical skills such as;

  • How to listen to music with understanding and direction
  • Recognizing styles of music
  • Developing a context for the history of music
  • Using correct musical vocabulary linked to song and general musical vocabulary
  • Learning through musical repetition and games
  • Singing songs with understanding
  • Working together (ensemble)
  • Play instrumental parts with increasing confidence and progression, sometimes using notated scores
  • Improvise with creativity
  • Compose simple melodies
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