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Coordinators - Miss Heywood & Mrs Franklin


Road to Tokyo 2020!

PE at Great Sankey

Following on from the success of our national teams in women's football, rugby, cricket and football this year, we are pleased to announce that Great Sankey’s mission to increase children’s positive attitude towards PE and sport, have the opportunity to experience many different ways to keep active and achieve the government target of children exercising 30 minutes each day, has been achieved during 2018-19. PE funding from the Government last year has also enabled us to train our teachers to improve the range of PE we can offer across the curriculum through Progressive Sports CPD and PE teachers from Penketh High School. With the help of our PE Apprentice, we were able to further raise the profile of PE, support teachers and enable children to enjoy a variety of events to raise the profile of being active and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

PE and Sports achievements 2018-19

  • Installation of the Dailly Mile track and launch of the daily mile for all children
  • Experience days for all children to try new sports
  • Launch of Born to Move
  • School Sports Games Gold Mark Award
  • AfPE Quality PE Mark
  • Wheelchair Basketball Workshop


Improving our Curriculum - Intention

In line with our whole school new curriculum vision for 2019-20, the PE team want to continue to develop the provision of PE and sporting opportunities for our children. Although we have really upskilled our team in the delivery of teaching fundamental and sport specific skills, one area that we felt we still need to improve was the planning provision for staff. We also wanted to maintain the momentum of children running their daily mile and ensure we provide even more opportunities for children to be active throughout the school day as well as after school. 

As well as helping the children to grow and develop, a new area that our curriculum is now targeting is mindfulness and links that can be made with the local community.  To this end we are very excited to be pilot school for a programme called ‘Born to Move (BTM)’ BTM is a way for our older children to be trained as coaches to facilitate a safe, rewarding and effective fitness class for other children. The great thing is that the benefits do not stop there. Born to Move is a programme that families can do together at home, which encourages children to also achieve the government target of 30 minutes of exercise outside school. Furthermore, Les Mills who run Born to Move, run classes for adults at our local leisure Centre, Great Sankey Leisure, so our intention is that through making links here, we will also be broadening our local community links.

The final area that we intend to improve is the choices children make regarding their school snacks. We intend to achieve the ‘Tasty Tuck Gold Award’ by the end of the year and it is a project that the school council will be undertaking.


Improving Our Curriculum – Implementation

The key actions that we intend to implement throughout this academic year to help us achieve growth, mindfulness and community links are outlined below:

To improve the quality of PE planning

All staff will receive CPD training in 'Jasmine' and onine planning tool that will help staff deliver Real PE and also assess pupil progress. We are also investing in two Ipads for PE to be able to record evidence of progress and record short videos to help give children feedback. We have also subscribed to 'Teach Active' which enables more physical activity throughout english and maths lessons too.

To maintain the momentum of the Daily Mile

All children will be given the opportunity to run the daily mile every day. Targets have been set for children to receive various incentives when they have achieved a certain distance.  This will be acknowledged in class and assembly. These include stickers, certificates, medals, water bottles and t-shirts.

Born to Move

Six year 6 children have been selected to be trained as Born to Move Activators. They have to complete five modules and then can become certified.  Once we have completed this, they can help to lead Born to Move sessions at lunchtime. We will also be liaising with Great Sankey Leisure Centre to see what outreach opportunities we may have in the local community.

Enrichment Opportunities

During our Healthy Body fortnight, as well as our whole school sports days, we have arranged for all children to experience wheelchair basketball which will really help with mindfulness and considering what it is like for disabled children to participate in sport. We have also organized for all our KS2 children to attend an experience day which allows them to try a variety of new sports and a ‘Road to Tokyo’ festival of competitive sport. Progressive Sport will also deliver a multisports competition for KS1.

Led by Mr Hodgson, our PE Apprentice, we are piloting a scheme funded by the FA to target the ‘Beginner’ girl, which looks at engaging the less confident girls in sport from ages 6-8 years. This is a 5 week course which looks at storytelling through active play. The children receive a passport with some home learning activities, which aims to involve the whole family too. This scheme is going to be aimed at children in Years 2 and 3.

Tasty Tuck Award

We  have started with some small changes by offering a ‘swap shop’ on a Friday, where children can swop their snack for a healthy alternative.  They will receive recognition for making a healthy change and also be helping the community as all the snacks that are exchanged will be donated to the foodbank. Our intention is that in the new year children will no longer be allowed to bring in chocolate or sweets as snacks.

Improving our Curriculum – Impact

Our vision is that by the end of this academic year, all children are attaining their 30 minutes a day of exercise within the school day as well as 30 minutes outside school. We will have children who have experienced new sports and activities and running the daily mile has become a normal part of the school day.  We will also have staff who are now confident and skilled to deliver all areas of PE to a very high standard. 

We are also confident that we can start to establish stronger links within our community and through lots of the initiatives we are participating in, we are developing the children’s mindfulness towards others and creating a better understanding of how everyone can benefit and enjoy PE and sporting activities.

Finally we would like to see a shift regarding the snacks that our children are choosing to eat and a greater understanding of how this affects their health. If we can get to this stage then we are confident that Great Sankey Primary School will be an inspirational and aspirational school for what a healthy, active school should look like.

Increasing Participation                                              

We have continued to work hard to increase the number of clubs on offer and number of extra-curricular participants at Great Sankey, in particular for less active children who were encouraged to participate in our Active Kis club. This proved to be very successful and we are now looking again at new ways to engage these children.  We succeeded again, with a wider range of clubs and participants increased again. This year we were able to offer football, rugby, netball, basketball, cross country, dance, gymnstics, dodgeball, Zumba and rounders clubs.

As well as participating in these clubs, it is important that children get the opportunity to experience competition and to play as part of a team, so we joined the Warrington Schools Sports Partnership (WaSSP) again, allowing us to participate in a range of competitive events.  We have enjoyed competing in various athletics, rugby, netball and football tournaments where the children represented the school with exemplary behavior and a good competitive spirit.  Our greatest achievements to date include winning the cluster Year 5/6 football and competing in the finals of the Warrington Sports Hall Athletics Competition

We also have started to identify our Gifted and Talented children in PE and several children attained a workshop at Statham Community Primary School to help them maintain a good balance between their sporting commitments and school life.

Enhancement - Inspiration and Motivation          

Alongside all the hard work going on within school, we have also invested in bringing in inspirational athletes to work alongside the children in order to inspire more children to participate in sport.

  1. Warrington Wolves Rugby Coaches working with Year 3/4.
  2. Olympic Day – Whole school event across 2 days – Progressive Sports.
  3. Race for Life – Charity Event for Whole school – Cancer Research


We have also tried to take into account the views of our children through our sports council, where a child from each class is nominated to represent their classmates and bring us ideas about how we could further improve PE.Through a calendar of termly meetings, the children were responsible for making suggestions for our new trim trail, choosing new equipment and also suggesting new clubs which we are endeavouring to run throughout the next academic year.


What’s Next?

We are always looking forward and continuing to come up with ways to improve PE at Great Sankey.  Our initial focus is going to be on monitoring and assessing the delivery of PE to ensure consistency and high level teaching across the school, as well as improving our dance provision. In addition we are looking to provide more structured opportunities for children to do 30 minutes of Physical Activity inside and outside the classroom to tackle obesity. This will include maths / english of the day, which is 5 minutes of cardiovascular activity to raise the heart rate, regular Born to Move sessions and the daily  mile. Our other main objective is to develop the role of the play leaders, to offer more activities at lunchtime and monitor the participation of children.

We will endeavor to keep you abreast off all the latest developments in PE at Great Sankey and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Healthy Regards

The PE Team

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