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What is Children's University?

Children's University is an organisation which signposts you to exciting learning activities which take place outside the normal school day - it could be before school, during lunchtime, after school, during weekends or holidays etc. The activities are all voluntary, it is up to you to choose what you do and when, and the learning always has a link to something you could go on to do at a 'grown up' university.  Children's University is run by the Children's University (CU) Trust.


We are pleased to inform you that our school is a Learning Destination for the Children’s University. Warrington Children's University runs alongside The Wolves Foundation.  As part of this programme, children are able to work towards achieving nationally recognised awards that reward the learning they choose to undertake outside of school hours. By participating in our lunchtime and after school clubs, children are able to ‘collect’ hours of learning which can be added to their own ‘Passport to Learning’. All our enrichment activities, led by school staff, are validated and these hours can be added to their passport.

Children are also offered opportunities to attend different learning lectures and activities outside of school hours through the programme. For every event they attend, they get time stamped into their learning passports, which they save up to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates. They are presented with their qualifications at a 'graduation ceremony' held annually to celebrate their achievements. You can find out more by visiting the Warrington Children's University's website

How does it work?

You can collect ‘credits’ by:

• Attending after school clubs run by your child’s school

• Attending ‘Learning Destinations’ in your area (such as swimming lessons, cubs, brownies, football training, gymnastics lessons, music lessons, the list is endless!)

• Attending structured activity sessions at libraries, museums, farms, leisure centres and more across the whole country.

• By taking part in holiday challenges set by your local Children’s University.

Usually one hour of learning will equal 1 credit.  Children will collect their credits throughout the years and if they reach our target at the end of the year they will be invited to our graduation ceremony.  Hours earned at school clubs will be recorded by school and sent to C.U. termly. However if you want to collect credits at external Learning Destinations then you will need to purchase a Passport to Learning from the school office which your child keeps throughout their time at school.

Learning Destinations:

Learning Destinations or out of school activities can also be attended and credits gained.  For an up to date list of Learning Destinations please visit www.childrensuniversity.co.uk/maps and search Warrington.  Learning Destinations will display the Learning Destination sticker or poster.

If your child currently attends external activities after school and their activity provider is not validated by Children’s University unfortunately they will be unable to gain credits within their passports.  If you would like to suggest an activity to be a Learning Destination, please email the Children’s University team on laura.ashcroft@elevate-ebp.co.uk

Children’s University can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Holiday Challenges:

Complete the challenges to earn extra credits whilst learning from home.  You can choose to take part in as many challenges as you like. Each challenge is worth 1 Children’s University credit. When you have completed an activity send your evidence to laura.ashcroft@elevate-ebp.co.uk who will automatically update your Passport to Learning.

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