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Early Help


What is Early Help?

Early Help refers to the offer of any support, advice or information we can give  to children and their families as soon as possible to help prevent problems from escalating or when issues begin to emerge.

There are many different ways in which we can support children and families at GSP:  

  • Miss Leah our Pastoral leader is on the playground every morning and is available to talk to parents/carers when you drop your children at school to discuss any concerns you may have regarding behaviour, learning or any other support you require. She is also available during morning sessions and parents can speak to her directly, telephone or make an appointment. 
  • Miss Leah can support parents/carers to complete forms and other paperwork such as high school admissions, as well signpost or direct you to relevant agencies who may also be able to support. 
  • Meetings with Miss Leah are available to meet with parents/carers to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child’s behaviour or learning. You can also speak to your child's teacher, Mrs Wilding, our Deputy Head teacher, Mrs Moore, our SENCO or Mrs Briggs, our Headteacher. 
  • Referrals to outside agencies such as: the Children's Centre, the Family Outreach Team, parenting courses, our School Health Advisor, St Joseph’s Family Centre, Play/Art Therapy and local children’s centres can also be made.
  • We can also complete Early Help Assessment (EHA) with families to access further support. These involve listening carefully to you, discussing what help you need and talking about what is working well in your life. Based on the conversations and information gathered, alongside what help you would like, a plan is put together so that professionals can work together to make sure you get the right sort of help at the right time.
  • Our Safeguarding Team meet every two weeks to identify any children and families who would benefit from early help. This allows them to access services in the school and beyond to support identified vulnerable pupils and families. 
  • What is an Early Help Assessment Form?

    An Early Help Assessment is a way of noting down what is going well in your family, what the worries are and what needs to happen to help things improve. Together you will then agree the best way to make this happen; this will be written into a Family Plan. Lots of differnt agencies can be accessed to support the differnt needs. 

    You might need help in one or more of the following areas:

    • School, education or training
    • Home and life relationships
    • Health and emotional wellbeing
    • Work, finances or housing
    • Domestic violence or abuse
    • Crime or anti-Social behaviour

    If you have worries about your family, then ask a professional who's working with you or your children for an Early Help assessment. Also a professional connected to your family who has concerns may suggest to you that together you do an Early Help Assessment to see how your family can be supported.

    For more information, please have a look at the Early Help Division leaflet by clicking the link below.

    Early Help Leaflet

  • Helpful Links:
  • Useful Telephone Contacts
    Who they are? Number
    Police (non emergency) 101
    Children’s Safeguarding Service/Social Work Team 01925 443400
    Out of hours - Children’s Safeguarding Service/Social Work Team 01925 444400
    School Health Advisors 01925 867927
    Health Visitors 01925 867928
    Child Development Centre 01925 867867
    Warrington Youth Club 01925 581226
    St Joseph’s Family Centre 01925 635448
    Little Star’s Children’s Centre (Dallam) 01925 636856
    Golden Gates Housing Trust 01925 452452
    Citizens Advice Bureau 01925 246994
    Pathways 01925 415176
    School Admissions 01925 446226
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