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Welcome to the Meet The Staff page.

School Information and Teaching Staff


The school is organised into phases.

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) = Nursery and Reception, led by Mrs Wrangles.
  • Key Stage 1 = Years 1 and 2, led by Mrs Wilding.
  • Key Stage 2 = Years 3, 4, 5 & 6, led by Mrs Rowlands.



Nursery: Mrs Mayers & Mrs Washby

Reception: Mrs Wrangles, Mrs Foy & Mrs Gow


Key Stage One                                              Key Stage Two

Year 1: Miss Aspinall                                      Year 3: Mr Ellis

Year 1/2: Mr Daniels                                      Year 3/4: Mrs Walley / Mrs Franklin

Year 2: Mrs Whittaker & Mrs Wilding                Year 4: Mrs Green

                                                                  Year 5: Miss Heywood

                                                                  Year 5/6: Mr Gawne

                                                                  Year 6: Mrs Rowlands

Music Teacher: Mrs Dewhirst      KS2 PPA Teacher: Mrs McKinnon

HLTA's: Miss Titchard & Mrs Christopher

TA's: Mrs Ashton, Miss Leah, Mrs McVey, Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Mahony, Mrs Wilks, Mrs Kerridge, Mrs Pearson, Mr O'Boyle, Mrs Quarrie & Miss Richards. 

Senior Leadership Team- Mrs Wrangles (EYFS), Mrs Rowlands (KS2), Mrs Whittaker (SENDco), Mrs Wilding (KS1 & Deputy Head) Mrs Briggs (Headteacher)