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Welcome to the Cherry Tree Page!

Welcome to the Cherry Tree Class Page!

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We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas break and are looking forward to a fun filled 2022!

We have lots of exciting things planned for the children this half term including Chinese New Year celebrations and learning about where we live and comparing our country to other countries around the world.

During this term we will also continue to nurture a love of learning. We will be developing our reading, writing and number skills. 

The children will continue to bring home reading and phonics homework each week, and we would appreciate your continued support with this. It is important that the children read daily, and that you write in their yellow reading journals, you can communicate any queries through these, we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Please remember to follow us on Twitter.  We would also love to hear about activities the children do outside school, the children really enjoy sharing their experiences with the rest of their class. @Cherrytreeclass


Please click here to read more about phonics teaching at Great Sankey Primary.


Maths in Reception

Please click the image to join in with the Ten Town songs

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We use both Ten Town and White Rose Maths to plan Mathematical opportunities for our EYFS children.

Ten Town can also be accessed from home, please see the information inside your child's planner for log in details.

Take a look at the video to see our learning environment:

Our Learning Environment.mp4meet  the team

All about Reception

All about Reception

Celebrating Differences

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It is very important for us to ensure that everyone feels welcome at GSP. We have been talking about ways in which we are all different but that we are all equally special. 

Our Uniform:


P.E day in Reception is Tuesday. Children come to school dressed in their kit and remain in it all day.


What are we learning about?

We are currently learning about London. We are reading 'Topsy and Tim go to London' and are focussing on the poem Pussy Cat Pussy Cat where have you been.

The children have loved finding out about our capital city. They have made some of the iconic buildings and were so interested in the dinosaur skeletons in the Natural History Museum that next week we are moving on to a mini topic all about 'Dinosuars'.

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