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Welcome back Maple Tree Class,

We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and lots of quality family time. We can’t wait to see all the children again as we have lots of fun learning activities planned for spring term. We also have our first school trip and our residential to Tattenhall, so it is going to be a very exciting start to 2022!

On this page you will find out lots of information about what we have planned across our core curriculum and some useful information about life in Maple Tree. Please note our PE days have now changed to Tuesdays (outdoor) and Fridays (indoor). Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately and has a water bottle in school. Don’t forget that we also post weekly updates as well as homework every week on our google classroom page.

We know sometimes it is hard to find out from the children what they have been up to in school, so if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find our class Twitter feed.  With this, we endeavour to keep you updated with all of the exciting things that we get up to as we try to take lots of photos!

If you do have any questions or would like to speak to us about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to another great term!

Kind Regards,

Mrs Walley, Mrs Franklin and Mrs Pearson




Take a look below to see our class twitter feed and updates of all of the things we get up to in Maple Tree Class.




Please click on the icon below to view the PowerPoint presentation on the Year 2 residential to Tattenhall in April 2022.

Useful Documents / Information:


This term we study one of our favourite history topics, ‘The Great Fire of London!’ We learn all about how it started and the impact it had on the city of London. We will be looking at lots of non-fiction texts as well as all the wonderful fictional texts that we will be reading in English about this historical event. We also use this opportunity to get the fire brigade to come into school and talk about fire safety, as well as be on standby when we create our own’ great fire’ and burn down some houses! Fingers crossed we can do this later in the term. We are also very excited to do our very first trip to Nantwich museum to learn about a similar ‘great fire’ that occurred in the area in 1583.

History Image


G’day! We are also very excited about our geography topic this term which is where we compare British coastlines to the east coast of Australia. The children love learning about the famous Australian landmarks as well as the varying difference physical aspects and climate compared to the UK. There is so much to learn about Australia so we will also be linking our art and DT units to this unit too.

AustraliaEveryday Materials

Autumn Term:

Great Fire


In English this term, we have planned lots of reading and writing activities. We like to link our learning in English to a book and this term we are going to use texts that link to our exciting history and geography topics. This half term we are linking our writing to our learning about the Great Fire of London using a book called ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’ by Kate Cunningham, where Vlad the flea and his friend Boxton the rat, who love eating and biting their way around London, suddenly find themselves caught up in a great fire.  We will also be doing some fire poetry to link in with this topic.

After half term we will be linking our English to our geography topic, comparing the coastal areas of the UK with the east coast of Australia. We will be reading a fantastic book called ‘Possum Magic’ by Mem Fox about a little possum called Hush who becomes invisible and has a number of adventures. We are confident both these texts will stimulate some fabulous writing!


Possum Magic


In maths this term we will be continuing our multiplication and division learning and then moving on to statistics where we look at pictograms block diagrams. This will be followed by work on shape and fractions which normally involve pizza and cakes!  We will continue with our daily Elvis time sessions to retrieve all our previous learning on number, place value and addition and subtraction from last term and we will also be focusing on improving our mental maths skills this term too.



In science we begin this term with seasonal change, looking at how animals adapt in winter, in particular, animals that hibernate, migrate and adapt their bodies or behaviour. We are also going to be carrying out a very exciting science experiment called ‘The Blubber Glove Experiment’ which replicates the roll of penguin blubber to keep them warm in Antarctica!

After this we will be starting are new topic of ‘Materials’ where we look at the properties of everyday materials and some of their uses. We will be investigating how materials can change shape and also linking our science to our history and will be investigating how materials to build houses have changed since the Great Fire of London.

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