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Anti-Bullying & Equality for children

At Great Sankey Primary school, we are committed to an environment of mutual respect.  Each year, we hold an Anti-bullying week, alongside all the weekly reminders and work through our curriculum that drips through GSP. Children regularly explore what constitutes bullying and how to ensure an anti-bullying culture here at GSP. They know what to do if they are worried and who they can talk to. Out team ethos supports this ensuring that no one is alone.

Our curriculum is carefully planned in order to provide rich and thought provoking learning experiences for every child in the school. 

  • Disability Awareness Pack by Bev Adcock and Michael L.Remus
  • Show Racism the Red Card - www.theredcard.org
  • All together - Promoting Diversity and Equality in the Primary Classroom by Cardiff Education Authority

Our local PCSO also attends school regularly to deliver a range of workshops to our children in Key Stage 2 and we hold assemblies to support the learning, often led by our Champion children’s leads. .

Please see under school information for more details. 

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