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House & Vice Captains 2021-22


Hello! We are the House and Vice Captains of GSP. These passages will tell you all about our roles in the school and what we do outside of school. We were voted in by our fellow pupils in school as we like to make sure that we get the job fairly and through a democracy in our school. We put ourselves forwards for the job because we wanted to help other children at GSP.

In order to be voted, we had to write speeches to present in a whole school assembly before allowing our peers to vote in a secret ballot. Read on to find out a bit about what we do.

In our role as House and Vice Captains, we have big responsibilities in school such as: showing visitors around school, leading our house teams and visiting other people in and out of school. We always make sure that visitors feel welcome whilst we lead them around the premises and enjoy representing our school at different events. We are always willing to help Mrs Briggs with anything she needs.

On sports day, if your team wins, the House and Vice Captains get to lift the trophy. We always act as role models to the younger children in school and present and lead the assembly when it is a National Saint’s Day. Mrs Briggs also takes us on trips with the school and we help teachers on our whole school trip. When it is the end of the year, we support the Year 5 candidates who put themselves forwards for the role in the next year before the school votes.


James Chadwick

Hello my name is James Chadwick and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me and I can now confirm that I am the new House Captain for St David’s aka yellow house.

Covid has been a really difficult time for everybody and events such as after school clubs and sports day have not been active and I’m hoping to work with all pupils of all ages and teachers and we will review all of the activities and hopefully we will have clubs active from September 2021.

If anybody has any ideas on nay new clubs and how they can be run safely then come to me or any other house or vice captains. Thank you again to everybody and I will do my very best as St David's House Captain.

Jessica Rimmer

Thank you for voting for me as Vice House Captain, I am very grateful and super excited. I will make sure everybody is happy and included. From Year 6 right down to Reception in St David’s. I want us to have a fun year, so let’s do this as a team for St David’s. There is no I in TEAM, we will do this together.

I am sociable, friendly, fun and jolly girl. I am very determined and hardworking. I am going to take all the time to be kind and considerate. If you are worried or upset or just want a chat please come and find me. I am always here to listen. I am going to be selfless and put people first. If you have any ideas and suggestions please come to me and I will be the voice for us and for St David’s.

Gracie Boardman

Hello I am Gracie Boardman and I am your new St Patrick's (green) House Captain. I will try my hardest to represent our school to the best of my ability. I am a friendly person, so if you see me around school come and say hi! I am really looking forward to next year and I can’t wait to get started in my new role.

Cailean Macintyre

Hello, my name is Cailean and I am the Vice House Captain of St Patrick. I am 11 years old and my job as a captain is to show people around on open days, to represent my school and the green team and cheer them on and finally to create any videos and special events to promote GSP. I hope to create more videos in the future to show people what our school is like. 

Ollie Shaw

My name is Ollie Shaw and I will be your House Captain for St Andrew’s blue team in 2021 – 2022. I will work hard as House Captain and do my best to represent St Andrew's and do our school proud. I am hoping Coronavirus restrictions will ease allowing all teams to work together. I will always try to be a good role model and be approachable for younger children in our school.

Thank you for voting for me as House Captain.

May Slater

I will be a good Vice Captain for St Andrew's (blue) team. I will wear my badge with pride. I am sure that you will be happy with me being Vice House Captain for blue. I will make sure that we have more playground equipment and at Christmas, when we have Christmas dinners, that we have iced cookies in snowmen and Christmas tree shapes. Thank you for reading this.

Holly Wearing-Sinnott

Hi my name is Holly and I am the House Captain for St George. I intend to make this school even better and more creative than it already is by starting with buying more books to boost the confidence of the older ones and the younger children as well. I also plan to make events in school as fun as they can be. Thank you for voting for me. 

Joel Houghton

Hello,  my name is Joel Houghton and I’m your Vice House Captain for St George's team -  that’s the red team. I am so pleased to be your Vice. If you ever need anything, I will be there for you so thank you for choosing me. We are going to have so much fun this year. Hopefully we can get ice lollies and ice cream for special events and I promise you will have fun at sports day. Thank you for taking the time for reading this.



Watch the video to see our House Captains take you on a virtual tour of our wonderful school.

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