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Welcome to the Junior PCSO's page.

Welcome to the Junior PCSO's page.

Coordinator - Miss Titchard

THINK! Road Safety

Many people are unaware that the number of fatalities among young people caused by road accidents is higher than deaths from many other external causes, including some which receive much more publicity from the media. There is a need for all those involved with children to teach clear road safety message effectively and consistently, working together to help children understand and manage risk. 

Click here to view the 'Tales of the Road' website.

This five-part online game is based on the Green Cross Code and should be used to reinforce the code and help pupils to recall its five steps in order, and to understand what they mean.

Find the safest place to cross

Stand on the pavement near the kerb

Look all around for traffic and listen

If traffic is coming, let it pass

When there is no traffic, walk straight across the road 

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