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Together We Learn and Grow Garden

Coordinator - Mrs Johnson

Why develop a garden at school?

Here at Great Sankey we understand the importance of providing children with gardening opportunities to enhance their skills and boost their development.

Research has shown the direct benefits of gardening for children are wide ranging:

  • Improves physical and mental well-being
  • Builds life skills such as confidence, teamwork and communication
  • Enhances literacy, numeracy and oracy skills
  • Enriches the entire curriculum from science, maths and geography, to art, design and languages
  • Encourages a better and healthier lifestyle
  • Teaches about the environment and sustainability
  • Helps young people engage with their surroundings better and develop a sense of responsibility
veg garden

Work has begun!

We have looked at different places within the school that would suitable for our garden, bearing in mind how much sunlight the site would get each day, the accessibility and safety for the children as well as looking at any trees and shrubs that may already be established there.

We have chosen the piece of land at the front of the school opposite the car park, as this gets plenty of light, is large enough for what we want to begin with but still has the scope for us to expand in the future.  It is also easily accessed with a footpath running alongside it and has lovely trees that are well established at the back.

                                    Our Nursery Helpers


Enriching our soil with help from Nursery

Now the raised beds are in place it is time to fill them with compost so they will be ready for planting in the Spring.

We filled each bed halfway with compost and then it was time for the worms to be put in so that they could begin to make the soil richer by feeding on any available plant debris such as dead roots, leaves, grasses and manure.  We did not have any dead roots or grasses in the beds so Nursery decided to help the worms by collecting as many leaves as they could that had fallen from the nearby trees and placing them on top of each bed.  We thought this would keep the worms busy over the Christmas holidays and we cannot wait to see if they have all been eaten when we come back.

We have also planted some raspberries around the edges of our garden, that will make a natural border that will be tasty to eat too!

January 2020 Update


Garlic, Broad Beans and Overwintering Onions.


We have achieved Level One of the Royal Horticultural Society School Gardening Awards!


Gardening Club Lockdown Update April 2020

Gardening Club Update - April 2020.mp4

Autumn Update 2020

Unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic we have made the decision to cover our allotment beds over the Winter. This means that they will be ready for when Gardening Club can begin again, hopefully in the Spring term.

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