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Equalities at GSP


Equality Statement, Vision and Objectives


In school, our children's Safeguarding Champions, led by Miss Leah, foster our commitment and look for ways to ensure that everyone is being treated equally. The school ethos regarding diversity is clear througout GSP and also within our curriculum, particularly through the enriched curriculum we plan across the year. 

Although rare, there have been reported instances of a minority using unkind language. This has then been used as an opportunity to challenge such behaviours so that our playground remains a kind, safe place, where all children feel safe and happy. Children actively challenge intolerance towards others and report it to the team or an adult as necessary.

We celebrate and promote images of inclusion and diversity across the school and provide resources and posters that help children to understand this in lessons and assemblies, often being further reflected in our value of the month. Our team are currently working on a whole school script to explain the meaning of the word gay and how and when to use it appropriately. 

The positive impact of the work we do around equality, diversity and inclusion has led to a significant increased awareness of LGBT bullying and language. We have two members of staff trained in Stonewall and access these as a resource and guide to support others. This has further increased confidence in staff when tackling LGBT type bullying and a decrease of children using the word 'gay' inappropriately. No-one in school is afraid to tackle others if they are not displaying our vision and ethos. 
The school is beginning to submit an application for the Stonewall Bronze Award. We have also achieved the Wise Up GOLD award for the past two years, recognising the work we do around anti-bullying, inclusion and tackling hate crimes. 
2021 /2022 Aims:

During 2021-22, the Safeguarding Champions will be:

  • Celebrating gender diversity and challenging gender stereotypes
  • Working towards the Stonewall Bronze / Silver award
  • Ensuring we sustain our Gold award status in the Wise Up Awards
  • Continue to celebrate and promote diversity in our community
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