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Children with Additional Needs

Every child is different and we celebrate and embrace this at GSP. Our aim is to cater for each individual's needs in order for them to reach their potential and develop a positive self-image, regardless of ability. We treat our learners in ways that take account of their varied life experiences and needs. 

There are some children in our school community that experience difficulties with their learning. We recognise that they may need additional work, support and equipment that is different from the rest of their peers. First, high quality teaching takes place in every class that is differentiated according to the needs and abilities for all the children.

We work closely in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that our children, regardless of any additional needs and disability, develop the attitudes, behaviours and skills to enable them to learn.

If a concern is raised about your child's learning or behaviour their class teacher will keep you fully informed about the work being carried out to support your child and what you can do to help alongside any next steps. 

Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities lead (SENDco), Mrs Williams, works closely with our staff to support in writing and carrying out individual learning programmes. 

If you have any questions with regards to any areas of S.E.N.D and how we plan for, identify and make provision for our children, please read our school offer, policy and information report in the first instance or contact the School office to speak to our SENDco. 

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